Working together

Working-TogetherWhen I think about the therapy or counselling process it conjures up an image of two people walking together on some kind of journey of discovery. The road is sometimes smooth and sometimes rocky. Whichever it is, the two carry on together toward the destination. As your counsellor I promise to stay alongside you on your journey, willing to go into the dark and difficult places with you when you are ready to take those steps.

Deciding to work together
Our first face to face session is an opportunity for us to get to know each other and for you to begin to talk about what brings you to counselling. Only at the end of the session will we decide if we want to continue to work together.

If we do decide to continue I will commit to being available to you every week at an agreed time. Similarly, I would look to you to commit to our weekly meetings and only to miss meetings in exceptional circumstances.

At least five further sessions will usually give us enough of a chance to build a trusting relationship and my recommendation would be that we then review how things have gone. If we both feel it is working well we can continue until you are ready to stop.

We may work for a short or long period of time depending entirely on how you feel things are going. I also work with a pre-agreed fixed number of sessions.